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Suzy Spira, LCSW

(License #44SC05462300)

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

211 N Harrison St, Suite A and

Jefferson Rd

Princeton NJ 08540

please call:  917.597.6875***

or email:





What does it meen to be living peacefully?  Does it mean never experiencing discomfort or difficulty?

Living peacefully means, that we are able to hold all emotions (joy, pain, happiness, sorrow, grief, loss, guilt, shame, jealousy, fear) without getting stuck. Where there is love, there are tears; where there is joy there are road blocks; and where both exist there is richness and growth.  In order to fully appreciate ourselves (as individuals and couples), we need to incorporate stories of success and failure; joy and pain; ease and difficulty; struggle and  growth.  I will listen empathetically while you teach me about your life.  

With therapy, clients expand their ability to take in a multitude of people and experiences.  It is my goal to help my clients move forward from traumatizing (and difficult) experiences. We will work collaboratively to increase fluidity and loosen rigidity.  I teach clients (individuals and couples) concrete tools to help them cope with difficulties (past, present, and future).  We will explore areas of strength and areas to be strengthened.  We will reflect on your past experiences and future dreams, providing a frame for the here and now.  I will help you access your ability to make authentic decisions and live more authentically.  It would be an honor to be your witness and partner during your transformation.