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Suzy Spira, LCSW

(License #44SC05462300)

211 North Harrison St, Suite A

and Jefferson Rd

Princeton NJ

please call:  917.597.6875***

or email:





Suzy Spira, LCSW started her professional career in accounting and soon after earned her CPA.  Then, she moved on to do back office finance and analyze corporate debt (passing the first level of the CFA exam). It didn't take long for her to realize that she was more interested n her colleagues personal stories than her roles in finance and accounting.   

Suzy started to study techniques for deep emotional release and personal growth including body and mind based techniques. In 2007, she recieved her degree in Social Work from New York University. Suzy continued to see clients in New York City until the birth of her daughter in late 2009.  After a hiatus, she started her practice in Princeton, NJ.

Areas of Study include:
Adlerian Techniques
Voice Dialogue
Gottman Therapy (Levels one and two)

Meditation and Mindfulness Practices

Breathwork Practices


Cranial Sacral Therapy

Polarity Therapy

Theories integrated include:


Object Relations


and others

What colleagues say about my work:

I am writing to warmly recommend Suzy Spira as a psychotherapist. I recommend her highly and without reservation.  As her supervisor, I was struck by Suzy’s sincerity. It impacts all of her interactions, both personally and professionally. Clients who transferred to my care after having worked with Suzy told me how caring she was, how easy she was to talk to, and how warm she was. Suzy is an amazing woman who is so thoughtful about clinical issues. She is very aware of interpersonal and inter-familial dynamics.  She is a great person to share ideas with, and also to share pain and difficulties with. 

Suzy is emotionally attuned with her clients.  She is able to hear the undertones beneath whatever the manifest content was and use sensitivity to help the person connect more consciously to her feeling state.  She has a skill of communicating her understanding in a clear and empathic way- mirroring the client and encouraging more curiousity about her difficulties.

Suzy knows how to provide a solid ground, while at the same time, accessing and decoding information in a practical way.  She give clients tools to move towards feelings of inner peace.

What my clients say:
You were warm and genuinely cared.  I never felt judged by you.
Easy to talk to.
Good memory. Good at pulling things together.